Little Eton stopped to find himself a little cold and wooshing.
She looked at herself, her feet were white and delicate, and now they were all burnt as if they had just been fished out of the boiler. She looked at her burnt hands again and finally looked at her bare-bellied shorts.
Of course, she didn’t change her clothes. You know, before that, they were standard football players’ clothes and white trousers, so you can imagine how inhuman they were.
I went out to buy vegetables, fruits and vegetables. I lost my shoes, gloves and clothes, and I lost a lot of weight.
She looked down and couldn’t get up. Robert slowly revealed a cruel smile. "It seems that I’d better kill you if I think about it."
On the other hand, Ryan didn’t expect this to make her run out. You know Robert, but he is definitely not weak at once, otherwise he wouldn’t have been sent out to find such an important thing. Now that Robert’s unique skills have been forced out, he hasn’t defeated this woman yet.
He knew that this was a tough nut to crack. Did she solve Robert and would never let herself go? So he gritted his teeth and decided to gamble.
A moment while watching the play, Osamu Dazai was held back by a gun.
"Don’t move, after all, playing doesn’t grow your eyes."
Ryan looked at the man. He just saw that the man was coming with the woman, but he didn’t want to do it when the woman was attacked. He didn’t know what the two were like, but now he had no other choice.
He threatened to Iraq.
"Let us go or I’ll kill him!"
Osamu Dazai was naive about this man’s request. He didn’t think that Yi would save him. In fact, Yi did not agree to the man’s request, but suddenly he shot himself in the arm and knocked this guy down and saved Osamu Dazai.
Osamu Dazai leng a curious then gather together in the past.
"Why did you save me?"
No matter how she looks, she will not save him. Although she doesn’t seem to recognize that she was in the crematorium at that time, the way he just appeared for the second time is obviously not pleasing to her.
Yi snorted.
"Because I promised a person to be a good person."
She really doesn’t like this guy, but she saved him anyway. What’s worse, she has to ask how this guy knows about the children.
Of course, it’s not the first thing that this little Yi stepped on Robert now.
"Why don’t you talk? I haven’t beaten you for long, so you have no strength?"
Robert weak way
"If you take that thing, even if you beat us today, countless people will come after you in the future."
Small yi foot a force cold way
"What did I take? Didn’t I just buy some food in the supermarket? Are you people so poor? Do you have to rely on grabbing vegetables? "
Being slandered Robert is short of breath.
"Who said we were going to rob you? !”
Xiao yi leng Han
"Not rob my food what are you going to rob? My meat? Have hands and feet and want to eat meat. Don’t you know how to move bricks? Do you have to be beaten here? "
Being spoiled and held too proud because of his different abilities, Robert couldn’t stand this slander and suddenly became angry.
"You must play the fool and be fully distracted. We want to divide it into your hands … well!"
Robert spoke angrily, but before he finished, suddenly a little blood flowed out of her mouth, and then she opened her eyes unbelievably and lost her breath.
On the ground, Ryan watched this scene in horror.
"Impossible, Rust won’t …"
He seemed to panic and want to deny something, but like Robert, he was dead before he finished.
What’s going on here?
Yi frowned.
He went over here to check the cause and effect of their deaths and found something interesting
Xiao Yi leaned over to see the fruit tearing-her fragile football dress was finally overwhelmed and several fluorescent lights spilled.
Wow ~
Osamu Dazai DengYuan eyes.
Chapter 1. Chapter 1
Xiao Yi consciously put his hands around himself and found that the guy actually looked at himself. She became angry from embarrassment and punched him in the left eye without being blocked by bandages.
"You shouldn’t look at it. You don’t want to have one eye left, do you?"
What a quick fist
Osamu Dazai covered his eyes and took off his coat with one hand.
"Why don’t you wear me?"
"no need"