"Will will! ~ "Lan Junhao jumped out of nowhere" because we will take the Paradise Road again "Oh! ~”
"Yeah, yeah! ~ "Liu Lou also leaned in and echoed the sweat dada both of them …
Of course, Han Ziying knows what "Paradise Road" is-that damn staircase! Oh, my god. Are we going to repeat that experience again? Duanmufeng was the worst because he went to find Han Ziying that day and climbed from the beach to the villa. He really didn’t know that Han Ziying was so energetic …
"There is no way." Xiao Yuzhe told everyone with a smile that it is true. "Let’s go ~ ~" It’s really energetic. "Yes …" They replied lazily together.
The stairs are much better than the stairs, because Liu Lu, a crazy girl, has been wondering what the name of the song is. Hum, ha, ha, seems to have gone. Xiao Yuzhe has been absent-minded, and his eyes seem to have been glancing at Han Ziying. Duanmufeng seems to have seen Zou, holding Han Ziying’s hand with an eyebrow and a smile.
"Whoosh … whoosh"
I don’t know what makes them stop like a gust of wind blowing through the grass in the Woods. What is it? Everyone thinks
"Wow, haha, can it be a ghost?" Han Ziying seems happy to look around.
"Is it a ghost? Ah ~ ~ Little Haohao ~ ~ "Liu Lou heard that it was a ghost horse and ran to LanJunhao’s arms.
Everyone is ashamed … ||| "Don’t be surprised, okay?" Lan Yuxi squints at them dangerously. These two idiots scare themselves without looking.
"Whoosh … whoosh …" The sound continued, and finally a bell appeared. A sound broke the silence.
"Wow, it turned out to be a cat ~ ~" Everyone looked at Han Ziying as the sound turned. At this time, Han Ziying was holding a white cat and the cat greedily drilled into her body as if she enjoyed it "and it was still white! ~ Wow, Kaka has no hair. "Han Ziying exclaimed again. Like getting candy, the child kept skipping around with the cat in her arms. The scene was really cute.
"Shall we take it back?" Lan Yuxi asked
"This is a white cat. There seems to be no white cat here …" Duan Mufeng thought, "But let it go back to nature." Duan Mufeng held out his hand to bring the cat from Han Ziying, but the white cat refused … "What are you afraid of?" Lulu held the white cat and stroked its pure hair. "It’s cute. Let’s take it away." And the cat licked her face happily.
At this time, Duanmufeng finally knew that the cat loved beauty and didn’t love boys. "Well, take it home," Xiao Yuzhe agreed.
There is no way to Duanmufeng, and they also agree.
At this time, the cute cat and horse jumped into Han Ziying’s body and crawled tightly in Han Ziying’s arms, seemingly asleep … Everyone sweated "White cat seems to be a boy! ~ Call Mike! ~ "Han Ziying announced.
Cat people have been stuck together in the boat. Chapter 59 Strange Duanmufeng
"Wow Duanmufeng, are you crazy?" Han Ziying was grabbed by Duanmufeng’s arm very hard. She went to the cherry blossom forest of Han Ziying villa "Ah!" Han Ziying was hurt when he left her in a cherry tree. She was pathetic and touched her arm. She looked at Duanmufeng. What’s wrong with him? What are you doing here so hard? "You …"
It seems that Duanmufeng is also very angry and a little jealous. He leans his hand against the tree and leans on Han Ziying’s body. His eyes are staring at her closely, which makes Han Ziying very unhappy. Suddenly Duanmufeng’s sexy and chapped lips fall on her lips.
Han Ziying just kissed her eyes and was full of doubts. He could feel that Duanmufeng was abnormal! ! Moreover, the kiss was so deep that it seemed like putting two people’s lips into it. It stopped for a long time. Duanmufeng hid her head in Han Ziying’s hair. She could feel him panting and picked up his waist involuntarily. What happened?
"Sorry Sakura" Duanmufeng murmured.
….. She didn’t speak and hugged him quietly. Finally, "Feng, what’s wrong with you?"
He seems to be much better. He left her arms, and the tone of "nothing happened" can tell that he is still a little angry ~ ~! ! Then he put his words in his pocket and turned away.
"…" Han Ziying looked at the back.
A few days later, Han Ziying and them had dinner together in a restaurant box.
They probably met for the first time when they came back from a visit. Now, let’s have dinner together to keep in touch with each other. We haven’t heard Lu Luxiao and Han Ziying for a long time, and they are really not used to it when they are not together.
Xia Weixing Lan Yuxi didn’t say a word, chatting with Tian Lulu and Lan Junhao, laughing and laughing, while Han Ziying Duanmufeng didn’t talk. It felt strange that Xiao Yuzhe didn’t come.
"Sakura" finally spoke. "Eat food." Duanmufeng tried desperately to add food to Han Ziying and stuffed it into her mouth.
And Han Ziying doesn’t know what to do, but also smiles and gives him food. You bite and I feed him "eat and eat". The tone is also very angry and he picks an eyebrow.
Everyone looked at them. "Your mouth seems to be full." Liu Lu didn’t have the brain and said, Lan Junhao put Liu Lu’s mouth over his mouth because they knew that the two men didn’t know anything during the war.
"hmm? What did you say? " The two men stared at Liu Lu with different mouths and eyes.
"Nothing, nothing …" Liu Lou embarrassed smile horse flinched in LanJunhao arms "terrible …"
Xia Weixing LanJunhao nodded.
"Keep eating. Don’t you love this?"
"Drink water after eating so much?" Han Ziying poured water directly into Duanmufeng’s mouth and smiled smugly.
The fighting is still going on …
after the meal
"So full" Han Ziying burped "Er … I don’t want it"