If Bing Suixin doesn’t take the initiative and wait for those people to do it again in the future, who knows if he is so lucky to meet the rescuer again?
No one can guarantee.
Bing Suixin sighed, "I’ll go back after a while."
Looking at him with a rare childish attitude, Li Fengsheng couldn’t help but smile and reached out and rubbed his hand, but he had to lean on his shoulder. "When you solve those things, I’ll open the gate and lift the sedan chair to let you be a little domestic gigolo, and then you can eat soft rice."
Bing Suixin "…"
It was only recently that he learned that there was such a rumor that Feng Sheng didn’t stop him from leaving the city, which made the rumors grow worse. Now the city people all suspect that Shaocheng has raised a gigolo who eats soft rice.
At first, I knew that Bing was unbelievable, and at the same time I felt a little dark.
Chapter 439 Spirit-eating worm
Obviously, Li’s situation is not so good.
Li Xun was also a little shocked. "No, before we came, if we didn’t make the spirit force, the spirit force wouldn’t disappear."
He has been to this desert, and at this time he is even more puzzled and can’t believe what happened!
This is different from his previous experience!
See him so YunMingYuan slightly narrowed his eyes.
If Li Xun is not lying, there must be something strange in this desert.
"Stop first to find the reason why the body spirit disappears and then move on" Yunmingyuan immediately said.
Lee back and Han Xiumo stopped.
Lee back now is nothing to say. Obviously Han Xiumo is talking with Yunmingyuan. Yunmingyuan will naturally agree with Han Xiumo.
At this time, his opinion is not important.
But Li Xun still carefully observed and wanted to find out the reason why their spiritual power disappeared.
Don’t say it’s Yunmingyuan, even if it’s Li’s back, he actually feels numb in his heart.
This didn’t happen in the desert when he came once.
The unconscious disappearance of spiritual power is a great event for them who are used to it.
Although you can’t use spiritual power in the desert, you can still use it in the volcano.
If their spiritual power is exhausted to the volcano, they will suffer greatly.
Thought of here, Li Xun has seriously let go of the gods’ knowledge and observed the difference when he first came to the desert while feeling his physical condition.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo have never been to this desert before. Of course, they won’t think about studying the difference between this desert and this one like Li Xun.
They also found out the gods, but they searched in the desert to see if there was anything that could devour spiritual power.
Even if there is no aura in the desert for various reasons, if it is to limit the spiritual power and it will not make it disappear, then the situation is very suspicious now.
If they weren’t unlucky enough to be set up, then something might have happened in the desert.
This is not what YunMingYuan and Han Xiumo want to see.
Both of them looked very carefully.
But focusing on the direction is actually not the same.
Yunmingyuan observed whether the surrounding area was set up by people or for other reasons.
Han Xiumo is looking for whether there is something in the desert that they ignore and can suck away psychic creatures.
They have different majors and different directions, but they have helped a lot at this time.
Yunmingyuan looked at Han Xiumo. "I found nothing here."
Han Xiumo nodded. He reached out and took a handful of sand brought by the blowing wind. "I think I found the reason."
Nothing was found. Lee suddenly opened his eyes and looked at them. They had gathered together to share their discovery of Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo.
The atmosphere between them seemed so good that he didn’t know whether he should gather together to listen at the moment.
Or Yunmingyuan discovered that Li had confessed to him and waved him to come and listen together.
Han Xiumo glanced at him and leaned in. Li nodded to him and continued to say that he found "you also found that there should be a natural large array in the desert that limits the emergence of reiki."
He said this to YunMingYuan YunMingYuan nodded.
He did find out
Although there is no array that can absorb psychic force in this desert, the absence of aura in the desert is indeed caused by a huge natural array.
The human friar affair is a legal shock to such a natural array.
Knowing this, Li Xun blinked and thought, Is this the world of Yuan Babies? They can know so many things?
At that time, he had more yearning for a higher realm.
Han Xiumo and Yunmingyuan didn’t notice Li’s back expression. After Yunmingyuan nodded, Han Xiumo continued, "But in the desert, aura is not gone. Some desert creatures rely on aura to live, not to mention the snowy mountains that can make Tianxin Snow Lotus grow."
Yunmingyuan and Lee nodded very seriously.
This is also true.
"So where do these creatures need aura?"
Li went back with a shock.
Yun Mingyuan said, "Is it a monk who entered here?"
"Yes, but it’s not." Han Xiumo opened his palm and in his hand was a handful of yellow sand. "If you enter the desert, if you can’t leave it alive, it must be a desert nutrient. There is no doubt about this, but these alone are not enough to make all living things alive in the huge desert."
"The desert should be a place with aura."
Such as lingshi vein
However, because they entered the Bigan desert, the monks did not feel aura, and they all had no aura in the desert.
"A place like this should be guarded by a powerful monster beast." Han Xiumo spread out the other hand and gently brushed the other hand, and the sand in his heart disappeared
Instead, it’s a creeping bug.
Yunmingyuan took a deep breath.
The animal he hate most in his life is probably worms.
Li can’t help but exclaim, "What is this?"