"Because he is my master!" At the right time, the old lady, the leader of Shaozhuang Village, took a large group of villagers to Jianchi and saw that Demonbane had taken Bu Jingyun, broken waves and the sword was poor and proud. Then she came to Demonbane and said, "Master, I believe that a peerless sword has been born now!"
"What? You invited us to see the sword sacrifice, but it turned out that you wanted our blood! !” At this time, the poor sword finally worships the sword sacrifice in the Mountain Villa in vain, which is actually a trap. The purpose is to gather together the most persistent three poisons, greed and ignorance! !
"Ha ha ha! It’s too late for you to be greedy! " Demonbane laughed wildly, saying, "You are greedy for Bu Jingyun’s sword, but angry at breaking the waves and loving the sword, but you are crazy about the blood of the three of you. It is said by Buddhism that the three poisons, greed and ignorance are the most terrible obsession of the day, which can help the beautiful sword to be born smoothly! ! Hahahaha! "
At this time, the giant peerless sword in the sword pool became hot and red after absorbing the blood of greed and ignorance, emitting extremely high temperature and dazzling light, and then the whole sword in the sword pool gave a violent shake, obviously telling the world that the peerless sword had been born!
"Go and take out the peerless sword soon!" Proud old lady urged proud heaven.
"Yes!" A few steps ago, I already felt that the sword pool exudes great inflammation and heat. I looked up and saw that there were still several peerless swords in the pool. None of them had a different appearance, so I returned and asked, "But Niang, there are thousands of swords here. Which one is the peerless sword?" !”
"This ….." The proud old lady also heard that she didn’t know which one was the peerless sword. She looked up at the huge peerless sword and said to the proud sky, "It is the one with the sword pool in the center!"
"PSST-"Proud day mouth to draw a gasp heart said this is not a joke? Somebody move this peerless sword!
But when he was proud, the old lady kept urging him to crustily skin of head and jump over and reach out to him, but it was obvious that the peerless sword didn’t give a bird, and as soon as he was radiant with hot light, he forced Aotian back.
"I am proud that I have to rely on a sword to restore the worship of the sword hill? Mom, don’t worry, I will definitely let Baijian Villa dominate the Wulin! !” Proud as a heavenly heart, I am afraid to go near that peerless sword again.
"justify! You worship the peerless sword of Shaozhuang, the leader of Sword Villa, which is an opportunity for the sword villa in the past 100 years. If you can’t stand the pain when taking the sword, how can you talk about reviving the sword villa? !” Proud old lady hates iron and does not produce.
"Yes, Shaozhuang mainly wants to get a peerless sword, so he must suffer a little. If there is no sword to sacrifice his spirit, how can the sword recognize your Lord?" Zhong Mei came over and said to the proud day
"Hum, the blade is so hot that extraordinary people can stand me and take the sword easily! Mom, don’t push me. I-I don’t want to die! !” Proud day then flash to one side with proud old lady said also ignored.
When I saw the broken waves, I couldn’t help sneering, "Even if there is a peerless sword in the world, how can the world be a mediocrity?" It seems that from today on, I am the only one! !”
"Beautiful good sword is me! I must get it! " Bu Jingyun also fought back the pain and rushed into the sword pool, and was instantly attacked by fire. The whole unicorn arm was also baked red.
Also at this moment Demonbane suddenly roared "thief, dare! !” Then I heard a "bang" and was surprised when I turned around and saw that the huge and beautiful sword was split by its positive sword-
It turned out that Demonbane had been paying attention to Bu Jingyun, Jian Pin and Broken Wave just now, but when he saw that he had not moved, he just ignored the past.
Who knows, just when the peerless good sword absorbed the blood of greed, ignorance and three poisons and successfully gave birth to the sword type, it was found that it was holding high the ruined sword in its hand and violently chopping at the foot-
In fact, a peerless good sword is more self-righteous than someone in the place knows the so-called peerless good sword. In fact, all swords in the sword pool are made of strange stones and black cold, which has been tempered by three generations of swordsmen for a hundred years. This is already the best sword!
However, if you want to make the peerless sword become a magic weapon, you need to find the essence of the black cold-the soul of the sword and the sword yuan were stolen by the sword slaves decades ago and hidden in the little dragon’s golden knife, while the latter was impressively in its huge peerless sword!
It’s just that he wants to die, split the peerless sword, let the sword yuan fly out of the peerless sword, and the body will merge, so that the magic peerless sword can be born and then he can take it from Bu Jingyun himself.
Because he is not afraid of the hot light of peerless sword, it is because of the ice spirit in his mouth and the deep strength of his body, which makes his physical quality different from ordinary people, both cold-resistant and heat-resistant.
Closer to home, I saw a white sword flying out of it after the dying sword split a huge and peerless sword, and then I flew around the whole sword pool as if I were looking for the most suitable blade.
It is, or everyone is staring at that sword yuan to see which beautiful sword it has sunk into, but that sword yuan is still flying around without falling, and with the passage of time, the flying speed of sword yuan is getting faster and faster, which has made people unable to tell with the naked eye how many white swords are flying and stabbing people to look straight.
"You have finished! !” He was stung by dazzling white light, and his eyes ached, and he couldn’t help but revile, and then he suddenly found that the white sword shadow in the sky was gone, obviously it had been injected into the peerless sword!
"Where is it? Where is it? " In the place, everyone glanced over the sword pool to find the most likely peerless sword in their mind, among which Aotian couldn’t help but jump into the already extinguished sword pool and constantly selected the peerless sword in front of them.
"I depend not Bu Jingyun eyes that one again? !” It’s recalling the story of the TV play as if Jian Yuan was embedded in Bu Jingyun’s peerless sword, and suddenly it’s cool in my heart for a long time, and the sword is where I belong? ! !
At this time, Bu Jingyun got through the triple energizer Xuanxiu and became a unicorn arm. There seems to be something strange about the beautiful sword before he meets it, so he reached out and grasped it.
Immediately, the sword pool suddenly changed, and the blade of all peerless good swords suddenly broke, even the peerless good sword in Bu Jingyun’s hand was also broken!
"This this how is it possible! !” Not Bu Jingyun, but even Demonbane and the proud old lady were stunned by all the changes in Jianchi.
Only Jiannu Wen Shang and Zhong Mei stared at the golden sword in their hands with horror and murmured, "Is God kidding?"? Beautiful good sword sword yuan was poured into the destruction of the sword … "
17 the king returns and wants to shoot eagles.
The fallen sword is the prototype of a peerless good sword, and it is also a sword worship villa. It can be said that its ferocity and destructive power are definitely beyond the peerless good sword, but at the same time it is also a fierce sword.
Ten swordsmen were killed by him, and nine of them are alive. It has its own sword soul, and the sword soul returns to its downfall, which is more powerful than the name, not only hurting the enemy, but also killing its master.
But now it doesn’t seem to matter, because the sword in its hands has become a peerless good sword, and the body is shining with gold.
When he was feeling that his hand was originally a dead-end sword, it suddenly seemed to be alive. Then Demonbane had waved his broken pulse and killed him.
"Holy shit, another shameless Li Wula!" It is raising its downfall sword, making use of it, and immediately counting the golden shock wave, it flies out to attack the sword pool with different levels.
The sword is poor and the waves are proud. Bu Jingyun’s flow is shocked by the golden firm but gentle all over the sky. He has evaded the rest of the general Zhuang people and dodged them without being stabbed to death by the firm but gentle.
Demonbane saw a panic in the heart after the golden shock wave attack, and quickly went back to pick up the proud old lady and jumped out of the sword pool, while Zhong Mei and Wen Yi also dragged the injured Bu Jingyun to break the waves and leave the sword pool.
Boom, boom, boom.
Sword pool in the number of golden shock wave invaded the broken stone dust fell for a while before calming down.
"I depend on the old here dozen born killed you, incredibly in my capability? ! !”
It’s panting, looking at the destruction in its hands, and its heart is in a hurry. It’s a good sword, but it can absorb the aura of heaven and earth, and it can also absorb the skills of others. Why is it the other way around now? ! !
It seems that I feel that the force is broken in the middle, and the body of the sword is buzzing, which seems to be urging it to continue feeding its true qi.
"Hum your brother-in-law, little ye, you have sucked most of the true qi for nearly 30 years. Now I don’t know how to escape from Baijian Mountain Villa!"
It is precisely because the qi of the body was absorbed by the sword of peerless destruction that most of it led him to hit the sword once, and the qi of the 22 nd abdomen had already bottomed out
"If only in the name! It’s a pity that this is the main eye of the erhu full of blood and the residual blood. The crisis must be that he can come out to save the scene soon! "
It is quickly dispelled the idea, and then he remembered Nie Feng’s eye Bu Jingyun was injured, and Nie Feng and the semi-crane were left.
After the sword jumped out of the sword pool, no matter who was outside, the sword spilled inexplicably and stormed like a storm, and then pulled out and ran to Nie Feng’s room while people were off guard