"Because the killer’s martial arts are bad, he can barely be considered a master with a firearm." He is answering.
"Gu, how do you know that the killer’s fighting skill is terrible? Maybe he likes firearms! " After hearing the death warrant, I also looked incredulous.
"Because if the killer has high martial arts, then she found out after the murder that we caught her committing the crime and didn’t kill her?"
At the right time, everyone has come to the village to see the charred body lying on the ground in the huge courtyard. There is an unpleasant smell of "barbecue" in the dark air.
"You’re right …" After death, I muttered that I ran to a dead body to check the iron hand before I saw it, but the more he looked at his heart, the more frightened he became. "Sima Huang grave! Blood phoenix! Wu shengdong! Wu shengxi! Don’t give three three! !”
The reason why the iron hand is flustered is that these people are all members of the twelve culprits in the Jianghu!
But as far as he knows, these people should have been anonymous 12 years ago, and today they will be killed in the old abandoned house in Sanli outside Bianjing?
"Brother Iron Hand still has work here?" Jingle sharp-eyed saw at a glance a hula man Ouyang fell to the ground and was dying.
"Obviously, this guy is deadly" is the first thought of almost everyone in the place after hearing the jingle.
Only his mouth was "cut" and he said with all his heart that this guy was not deadly, but was deliberately left alive by the murderer. Can someone identify Zhuge Zheng as a murderer in the future-
In order to achieve this goal, I first deliberately became Zhuge Zheng, and I left a monkey after killing Ouyang Da.
Then Smoke has been hiding in the scene, waiting for cold-blooded people to be attracted by the smell of blood, and a knife to break the door instantly launched the highest five thunder.
However, due to the launch of the highest five thunder, the smoke accidentally exposed the "face" of Yi Hou, which made cold-blooded people begin to suspect that Zhuge Zheng was killing me …
As a result, the drama began. A repeated villain, Leng Lingqi, made some guesses and sent Zhuge Zheng to the iron prison …
Love is also implicated by this, and it is calculated by six doors and Ji Yaohua, and it is also grasped by six doors. The iron prison has been tortured …
To get to the point, Ding-dong found that Ouyang was seriously injured and not dead, and the iron hand rushed over to see the latter, and he was surprised and one of the twelve culprits!
But he didn’t show self-care carrying Ouyang Da to God Hou Fu to catch the past and lead God Hou Fu several people with the past.
And those female catchers also went back to six doors to report the matter to Lord Liu, the god catcher, so that they were left hanging around in my old house.
"…" Looking at a charred corpse and a tattered old house, there was an inexplicable sadness in her eyes, because this scene reminded her of the scene where 32 people were killed.
"How many of these people were members of the twelve culprits who destroyed your family in those days?" They knew that deliberately concealing it would make the situation more painful and simply told the truth.
"What? How come? No, it’s impossible … Mr. Wang said that he killed all the twelve culprits who killed my family …
That’s impossible. Are you lying to me? "Emotion is excited, and the residual bricks and tiles around are erratic with her messy thoughts.
"The man rescued by the iron hand named Ouyang Da is also one of the twelve culprits."
It is slowly saying, "Twelve years ago, you had evidence to impeach Cai Xiang for corruption. However, on the eve of the attack, the news was accidentally leaked, and seven of them were killed, leaving Shengding Tianyi as a safe place …"
"Everyone suspected that my dad was the informer and sent twelve culprits after us …" As he spoke, his eyes choked up and tears came out.
"But the man later found that there was something wrong with it. Uncle Sheng’s personality root could not take refuge in Cai Xiangsuo and quickly sent Mr. Zhuge to organize the killing …
It’s a pity that when he arrived, the whole family was slaughtered, and a person came to life with the help of a good-hearted person … "
"Later, my husband told me that the twelve culprits were all killed by him! ! Here! ! Are you lying to me-"love said in the end is almost yelled out.
"Yes," he nodded his head. According to his understanding, "killing people and paying back debts" is a matter of course.
So he didn’t hide the twelve culprits and said bluntly, "The members of the twelve culprits are Sima Huang grave, blood phoenix Du Lian, Mo geisan San, Du Guwei, Sun disrespectful, Wu Shengdong,
Wu Shengxi, Zhang Xuao, Ouyang Da, Simon Gong and Kong Lang led the team … Your report is the holy uncle today! "
"It’s him! It was him! !” Tears in her eyes, she never dreamed that the sanctimonious man was actually the murderer of her own family! !
"Love girl, do you remember who saved you before Mr. Zhuge arrived?" It is asked.
"…" Love at this time a heavy heart than smell speech is also slightly shook his head.
"It is Kong Lang! He took part in this murder because his brother’s family was killed, but he never made a killing in vain!
After seeing you suffer from Simon’s arbitrariness, I feel sorry for other culprits. The fruit was seriously injured and dying, but it also lasted until Mr. Zhuge came … "
Knowing that the iron hand came later to make up for this mistake, he was willing to guard his side for more than ten years and became one of the four famous arrests under Zhuge Zheng’s influence
Therefore, from the bottom of his heart, he didn’t want to take revenge and kill the iron hand.
But he didn’t want to be deceived all the time, so he simply told the iron hand about the past and taught her to distinguish for herself …
Long love is always mistaken by love
"Sir … what to let them go … what to hide from me … what-"
But at this time, the feelings are filled with "truth", and they have long been unable to listen to their positive words, and their emotions have become more and more excited, and their thoughts have become more and more out of control, and the surrounding sand has been floating around.
"Love twelve culprits have not been so on the spot because they are also ordered to avenge a total of one hundred and thirteen lives in the case of’ seven kings slain’ … but …"
"But … my dad leaked this matter is a misunderstanding but still be slain …"
Love choked up and spoke intermittently. "Poor my dad, my mom … my brother … we have 32 lives because the man was killed by a misunderstanding-"
"…" It is sighing, because it is actually very good to speculate that when the emperor became arrogant, he secretly instructed you to search for evidence and then reported it in the court to get rid of Cai Xiang!
However, the emperor is still too young, and he can bring down Cai Xiang with his own evidence!
Who knows that Jungen is a group of people who have failed to accomplish anything, and their plot has long been discovered and told Cai Xiang.
Cai Xiang flew into a rage and immediately sent a killer to kill you, but in Anyun Mountain, he suggested that he change his mind and put out seven of them, leaving the Sheng family to "escape"