In addition to the League Cup, the team can also compete for the League One championship, which is an honor. Together with the personal honors such as the League Golden Boot, there is still hope to open the seal so that he can have stronger strength as soon as possible.
Despite the victory against Arsenal, Zhang Tiehan knew that there was some luck in it. First, Arsenal was careless, and they were not lucky. They attacked many times and didn’t score. If they were lucky, such as scoring a goal at half-time, it is estimated that Wigan Athletic would be too difficult to win. The main reason is that Arsenal are still too strong in offense and defense, even though they are not very good at defense, they have expounded what is called’ offense is the best defense’. Although they and their teammates are working hard to play and will kick back when they find an opportunity, there is actually no chance.
Himself … Or worse.
Zhang Tiehan sighed that if he could score the ball like those world stars, the game would be much easier the day before yesterday, but soon Zhang man of iron was amused by his own ideas. After all, football is eleven people’s luck. It is too difficult to beat Arsenal on his own.
"But what’s impossible?"
He thought again
I’ve already experienced rebirth, and there’s a magical seal. What’s impossible? Zhang Tiehan ran in the morning and imagined that he had killed the quartet in the game field. Eleven people even scored the ball into a beautiful game. Unconsciously, his face was smiling and he didn’t even notice anyone who followed him.
After interviewing Zhang Dengfeng in London, I noticed that Zhang Tiehan went to Cardiff Millennium Stadium with Wigan Athletic for an interview and now returned to Wigan.
He took a lot of photos, but he never got a chance to do a special interview.
Zhang Dengfeng wanted to send a report like this, but after thinking about it, he still thought it would be better to give an exclusive interview to Zhang man of iron. After all, it was the first article in China to be reported by Zhang Tiehan. It must be true that he didn’t want to send an article in such a hurry.
But I haven’t had a chance in the last two days
Even other big English media didn’t have a chance, he was considered a big media, but foreign media always had some inconvenience in England. For example, he wasn’t a Wigan reporter and couldn’t get in and out of Wigan Athletic Club like those reporters.
Zhang Dengfeng got up early that day.
He wants to go to Wigan Athletic Club early and wait to meet the club management. He believes that because he is a China media, he can still enter Wigan Athletic Club to do a special interview at the training ground. After all, this is not Wigan Athletic before the game and there is no need for any closed training.
Like him, there are many journalists, and many journalists were surrounded in front of Wigan Athletic Club earlier.
When Zhang Dengfeng went out, it was actually a little late, but compared with the early training, Zhang Dengfeng walked slowly to Wigan Athletic Club. He lived in a hotel and the club for two kilometers, so it was not much to take an early morning run. Moreover, the scenery in Wigan was different from the hustle and bustle of the city. It was very rural and refreshing in the morning.
Zhang Dengfeng walked and looked at a few pedestrians.
Most of those pedestrians also come for a morning run. Although they don’t know each other, they will still smile and nod to him when passing by. Zhang Dengfeng immediately responded that he felt that these Wigan people were too simple.
There is a big one on the left running, too.
The big man greeted pedestrians as he ran, and seemed to know many others. Many people waved at him, and some people patted him on the shoulder and said something.
Zhang Dengfeng looked over there and thought about leaving like this, but Mata stopped. Isn’t that Zhang Tiehan?
He never admitted his mistake!
That’s a man of iron!
Zhang Dengfeng immediately ran over. His purpose of staying in Wigan for so long was to interview Zhang Tiehan. Now that he saw the interview eyes, he still hesitated. Zhang Dengfeng ran over and didn’t stop Zhang Tiehan from running with him, so they ran forward together as if they had known each other for a long time.
Zhang Tiehan was thinking about the scene of killing the quartet after he was killed. He didn’t notice that there was more than one person next to him. When he reacted, he turned his head and asked, "whareyu?"
Zhang Dengfeng also stopped to reach out to Zhang man of iron and replied in the same English, "My name is Zhang Dengfeng and I am a Sina sports reporter."
"reporter?" Zhang Tiehan frowned and immediately looked at Zhang Dengfeng and suddenly asked, "You said you were a Sina sports reporter? So you are from China? "
Zhang Dengfeng was a little surprised in Chinese. "I didn’t expect you to speak Chinese so well!"
"Of course!" Zhang Tiehan laughed when he heard the compliment. "I speak English very well, and I speak German very well. I can also speak northern German dialect …"
Zhang Dengfeng’s face is a little black.
However, he does have some admiration for Zhang man of iron, a young man who grew up in Germany. Even Chinese people are influenced by their families. Generally speaking, he can’t speak Chinese very well. After all, people around him don’t speak Chinese, and Zhang man of iron speaks Chinese very accurately … even with a little Beijing accent and often with a few children’s accents.
In this way, the two chatted.
Zhang Tiehan seldom chats with people in Chinese. Even in Munich, he usually talks with his father. However, he and Dabao Zhang have never had much in common. His mother Jiang Chen is an orthodox Chinese, who has lived in Germany since childhood and prefers to speak German. It is actually very difficult for him to find someone to communicate in Chinese.
Now I feel a little excited to meet a real China person, Zhang Tiehan.
He had a good chat with Zhang Dengfeng, and said some common household words. He felt that he was full of enthusiasm. He didn’t care about Zhang Dengfeng’s identity as a reporter, and Zhang Dengfeng was a China reporter. He didn’t have any bad feelings for China reporters, but he felt a little cordial.
Especially Sina …
What newspapers are not popular in China to read the news is to watch TV and the Internet. Sina has too much influence on the Internet, which is definitely a big media in China. He didn’t expect to meet Sina reporters one day.
What Zhang Dengfeng asked, he also answered sincerely, which was really like chatting with two people.
Unconsciously, two kilometers away, Zhang man of iron went to the front of the club and saw the reporter Zhang Tiehan pulling Zhang Dengfeng to the other side.
"Where to?" Zhang Dengfeng is puzzled.
Zhang Tiehan walked and said, "Don’t you see there are many people there? I will be surrounded in the past!"