Yan Yan’s figure flashed, and he quickly escaped from the small world of knowing the sea.
After recovering, Baiyun Tower got up from the static pool of the waterfall, and everything in Chu Yang seemed to be full of charm.
"Elder brother …"
With a crisp call for sound, the Baiyun Tower turned to look at the green ant girl beside the quiet pool.
"Daddy and auntie are anxious, aren’t they?" Baiyun tower step up and down the pool quite casually asked.
"That didn’t have sister …"
The talking green ant holds out a set of clothes from the treasure bag, and the embroidery is very beautiful, which is the most unified red joy in Daxia country.
Seeing this costume, Baiyunlou couldn’t help but take it at the corner of her mouth and said, "Let’s just toss it with you today."
The voice fell and waved the sleeves, and a cloud rose up on its own.
When the clouds cleared away, the Baiyun Tower had changed into a bright red wedding dress, and the aura machine was lingering. Really, the charm was peerless, like a fairy, and there were a few more wisps of fireworks in the eyes.
Turned to look at Kyoto imperial city mind leaps like boiling heavy love.
Looking down at people’s prosperous scenery, it’s hard to give up their homeland …
Ready to sail two people clouds and carefree escape to Qingyun hall.
According to the green ant, the big wedding has already required the big white head to ask about the wedding etiquette one by one. The wedding etiquette has already been set up according to the rules, and it can be done when the main party is present to follow the ancient ceremony.
To the main hall, Dad and Niang, many officials from Kyoto Imperial City have been waiting in the hall, and relatives and friends such as sister Yunxiao and White Wolf Aly have also been present to watch the ceremony.
The teaching and learning of the relatives and neighbors of the Baijia family in Luoshui have been driven by flying boats one after another, and even the young professor and the old gentleman have been invited to the cave.
Fellow practitioners from all walks of life have also come one after another to be looked at by several eyes, and Bai Dazhao, who has a special mind, can’t help but give birth to a few nervous thoughts.
However, when I saw the old road of floating clouds and visiting Baiyun Tower, I unconsciously settled down.
Niang chanting ceremony officials told Baiyun Tower to be patient and meticulously complete all the etiquette, but there was some joy.
At the same time, the incarnation of Fairy Hall and Fairy Soul also prepared a fairy wedding with the guidance of Moon Old.
Time flies, and it’s time to meet the bride. It’s exactly the same for Bai Daxian to drive Xiangyun to Xianhou Palace and Qingyun to take a flower boat to Kyoto Imperial City.
There are white wolves and Aly in the world, and the fairy friends in the celestial world are the two golden couple.
People are very lively, but the celestial world also has its own ostentation and extravagance.
The magic of spreading beans into soldiers by the shining golden man was found out by Nangong Feiyang and others, and hundreds of immortal soldiers were derived. How much life was added to the original cold celestial world by each department of Xianting.
The dark night led a group of fairy moths to weave clouds and unfold the clouds, paving a rainbow cloud road on the Tongtian Avenue in Xianhou Palace, adding a bit of fairy weather.
The fairy world is full of happiness.
The Baiyun building in the human world is the first step. The falling petal boat outside the palace in summer slowly walks according to the rules in the palace
The embodiment of the fairy soul in the celestial world is not idle, and while riding leisurely, it sets out to refine and marry the flower boat.
It is also convenient to directly copy the shape of this flower boat and refine it.
The Great Summer Palace has set up many tests, which have been skillfully resolved by the resourceful Bai Dazhao, and successfully rushed to the Xiangge in Chaoyang princess royal.
At the same time, Bai Daxian also came to the front of Xianhou Palace.
The ethereal fairy sound haunts the fairy light when it shines on the graceful figure of Chaoyang.
In front of Xiangge, Xiao Chaoyang had a big red veil on his head, dressed in a big red wedding dress, and his two hands were holding the dress lightly, which was somewhat nervous.
According to people’s custom, the red gauze on the top of the head of the fairy fairy fairy faintly shows a delicate and charming appearance, which makes the Baiyun Tower feel slightly overwhelmed.
The two figures in the celestial world gradually overlap and hold the warm little hand in front of the Baiyun Tower. They seem to be in love with each other, and they are full of knowledge.
The erotic fairy road seems to be stagnant at this moment.
I was so touched by the road of love that I couldn’t help but hold hands and look at each other, and there was a brilliant flash in my eyes.
Before Xiangge, the White Wolf unconsciously leaned out to the side of Aly, and suddenly woke up and quickly put away other thoughts to stop standing still, but was grabbed by Aly.
"Atmosphere to cooperate with a …"
Aly’s little explanation was heard by Chaoyang princess royal and couldn’t help laughing, which also made the white wolf’s ear tip red
After all, the big red hijab can’t stop princess royal’s curiosity to read two little interesting things and be seen fully.
When two of a kind had a look at the interesting things around him, he really took the extreme knowledge to the extreme …
Baiyun Tower lamented Yu Xin’s love and thought of rising, pulling Xiao Chaoyang to turn around and start a gift.
Farewell to the royal family for many years. Farewell to the Empress Xianhou secretly.
Xia Huang took the queen and all the imperial concubines to see each other off, and the younger brothers and sisters who had always been noisy also seemed very clever.
In the fairy palace, it’s rare for the empress dowager to manifest herself, and she went to the door of the palace by the lotus platform.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifty-five Longfeng chengxiang
This is a farewell to Zhao-yang Xia. It’s unusual for every girl to reluctantly accompany her brother to the wedding boat with joy.
Looking back at the beautiful fairy shadow, Baiyun Tower secretly regrets Yu Xiang’s sinking thoughts.
"The immortal queen respects the three realms, and the future generations should try their best to protect them."
Then resolutely turned around, and the platform flower boat went straight to Lingxiao Hall along the rainbow cloud road.
This farewell may be farewell, but it also leaves all hope for the celestial world.
The leisurely escape of the wedding boat means that the road to a better future is secure.
Yue Xian accompanied all the way in the fairyland, and everyone was dusty, and all the villages and towns were spontaneously cheering and congratulating each other.
In just two days, the big wedding of Qingyun White Head in princess royal in the summer has already spread all over Kyushu.
At that time, the whole world was boiling. If Xia Huang hadn’t drawn up the list of ceremonies himself, it is estimated that Qingyun Gate would be full of people now.
Even so, it is hard to stop people’s enthusiasm.
Compared with the nine sects and three fairy leagues in the fix true world, the enthusiasm of ordinary people katoey phyle is no less.