Then he looked back at the impatient crowd and grinned stiffly, but he was so anxious that he was relieved that "Little Six was relieved."
"I’ll go!" At the moment, Luo Yu and others have been amazing about this slow and slow emperor Xiao Liu.
Baiyang is in a hurry to go on the rampage, pointing to the distant small six figure asked to Qiao Jinlian "this ….. this bear child really said six phase ghost beast? Are you sure you are not mistaken? "
Qiao Jinlian naturally nodded.
Luo Yu sighed and shook his head. "Six phases are real and malicious, and he never took the initiative to harm people in the wild past. He was extremely ugly and covered in stench and rot. Wherever he went, it was the end of the world that attracted the crusade from all sides. He was also a poor man."
Baiyang, it’s so urgent to see that little six has crept into the giant door with a lantern!
He said gloomily, "Is it all right if you don’t know anything about this grinding?"
Xuan Yin is close to sad suggested, "Boss, I don’t think this kid is reliable. Otherwise, if you don’t see the right way later, we will simply lift our legs and jump."
Qiao Jinlian listened to these two people’s strange voices and asked curiously, "What is … lifting your legs?"
Luo Yu freely told with a wry smile that "it means to leave quietly from the original place."
Qiao Jinlian sighs that human language is so wonderful. It seems that this lack of knowledge has increased.
Then she agreed, "The two dragon brothers said that Jiro is excellent, and you can’t be in any danger. I also feel that the leg lifts are good."
At the same time, as she said, she lifted her skirt to show her slender legs and lift her legs beautifully.
"Hey, hey, hey, hey!" Baiyang immediately make clicks swallowed water clap your hands "look! Even this demon has acted in favor of three to one, and the minority agrees with the majority … Ah, yes? "
Luo Yu looked at him with an eyebrow, looking forward to getting ready to run away, and praised Baiyang’s irony, "Alas ~ Baiyang, you master … did a good job?"
Baiyang a listen to freely and proud way "that is a must ah …"
Can xuan Yin has pulled his heavy face snapped, "what are you? Do you dare to make decisions for your master? "
Bai Yang also wanted to be able to say a few words, but after hearing this, he suddenly felt a tingle and laughed. "Er … hey hey, that can’t be … that’s …!"
He "just" didn’t say anything for a long time. He reached out and slapped his stupid mouth.
And right now!
But when I heard that Emperor Xiaoliu was a headache, I politely said, "My name is Emperor Xiaoliu, the big bad guy, and Xiaoliu wants to beat you."
Well, the emperor Xiaoliu seems to be a polite kid, too. It’s time to be polite before the enemy is ready to make a move!
Boom ~
Sure enough, a burst of blood thunder was overwhelming and the shock sounded in the ten halls of magic gas.
But before they expect a three-breath, an evil anger suddenly bursts out, "get out!"
Then Xuan ink color foaming at the mouth knife light crack to cut.
The wall of the Great Gate Square Temple was longitudinally split into two terrible halves with Qi Qi. It collapsed in an instant after the light of the knife, but the mountain road was frozen by the break in one and a half, which made it angry!
At the same time, "bang" a temple wall is full of rubble, and a ghosting image has been rolled back like a streamer!
Stone flying in front of my eyes obscures my vision.
Luo Yu, Bai Yang and others were shocked to find that dragging lanterns with one hand and climbing up with one hand was just Emperor Xiao Liu!
Qiao Jinlian is pale "Ah! Lost so soon? "
Baiyang stunned and beat his chest. "Look ~ I said no! Why don’t you just lift your legs and jump? "
Luo Yu didn’t expect that lanterns are better than the six-phase ghost beast’s hand, but they are not the opponents of Mo Ling Lord at the moment!
After seeing Emperor Xiao Liu climb up, he didn’t forget to pat the clothes, cut the dust, cut the hair and turn his head at Luo Yu and others, revealing a stiff smile of "Xiao Liu … Nothing"
"Lying in the trough!" Baiyang looked at the nosebleeds and both of them flowed. Small six said with horror, "You are such a bear, haven’t you got anything? Can you do it? No, to tell the truth, the pot will run away! "
Xiaoliu sniffed like a child who had just finished fighting with a bear child, wiped his nose to adjust his nosebleeds and nodded "OK"
Then he pointed his lantern in the direction of the tenth hall and "looked"
In an instant, the thunder roared as if it had been ordered, and the thunderbolt exploded and exploded.
Los feathers and others with surprised look.
But at the moment, the blood-thunder net cloth outside the tenth temple suddenly surged ten times, twenty times and thirty times …
Ten halls are ruined like a layer of thunderbolt. God Party A gathers snakes like heaven, and lightning strikes and approaches the temple quickly.
When the magic gas is touched, it will be broken and scattered, which can be described as overbearing!
Seeing this, Luo Yu was shocked and said, "How can blood thunder suddenly become stronger?"
In front of the emperor, Xiao Liu has held out his chest and said, "The thunder-inducing world was covered and Xiao Liu’s lights burned."
When Baiyang heard it, he was so surprised that he held out his thumb. "Hey, you little six are really good!"
Luo Yu, however, glanced around. At this moment, he was even more convinced that the weakening of the thunder world must be caused by Luo Fu’s secret existence, so that Luo Fu, the ghost of the past, could know the key point here!
Qiao Jinlian was excited and looked forward to the distance. "So the devil will be punished by thunder!"
But Emperor Xiaoliu shook his head and said surprisingly, "No, the big bad guy is very powerful and won’t die."
Sure enough, his voice did not fall.
Just when the letter of blood thunder is about to be gathered in a column.