"LaoXiao times you still find me to open a shop just a few days when you said you don’t know me? You lie first! "
"Pi two dog, I didn’t say that you stole the child. You said that there was a witness to let her take the evidence! If there is evidence, I will give you a confession. If there is no death, I will not admit it! " Mei Yingman is a dead mouse feels no cold.
At this time, Pi two dog has quietly placed a wire micro-listener at the bottom of the sofa, and Xiao Weisheng installed a wire pinhole camera through health opportunities.
"Well, if you don’t admit it, forget the pear fragrance and we’ll leave!"
Pear fragrance knew that the boss was ready when you listen. She was a push away. The hypocritical woman took out her mobile phone and took photos of Meiying. Two people just came out of the building with Pi two dog. Pi two dog’s mobile phone monitoring app received the recording and heard Meiying swearing as soon as it was played. "Pi two dog, a damn thief, made a fortune by stealing children! I said this, but I don’t admit what he can do to me. Haha! "
Followed by Xiao Wei reprimand angrily to "you this woman have no matter to say this? Do you care if Pi two dog is a thief or not? Mind your foul mouth! "
"Lao Xiao, your wife who has nothing to do has been beaten. Why do you want to be a loser when you don’t come to help me?" Meiying a search way
"Bitch, I’m too lazy to sleep with you!"
"King egg you say who bitch I was beaten by the thief two dog you actually help the thief to speak! No man! " Meiying swearing way
Hearing Mei Ying’s speech, Tian Huili said with fragrance, "Boss, this wicked woman will never change her mind. Let’s pay back her teeth!"
"Don’t blame me for being unjust!" Say that finish skin two dog is talking to inform the wooden palace and big tooth collapse respectively.
Half an hour later, Mugong entered Hanlin House with her ten-member witch team.
Big tooth also came with a dozen brothers.
Pi two dog has printed out a high-definition photo of Meiying for pear fragrance to distribute, indicating that "Mugong, a wicked woman named Meiying, goes around saying that I am a thief. Please help me return it and send your people to the shops, shopping malls and student dormitories near nine planets No.1 Middle School with her photo and phone number to spread her rumors that she is a thief!"
"It’s my horse!"
"You also send your men to spread rumors about Meiying everywhere, find her class unit and build it for me!"
"Boss, spreading rumors is my specialty. Look at me haha!" Big tooth eyes glowed with excitement and soon disappeared into the night with the troops.
Chapter 452 Meiyingchang
The next morning, the headmaster’s wife, Mei Ying, changed into cool sportswear and came out for a morning run on the runway. I didn’t expect that she just came out and listened to someone pointing at her back. Then she saw a parent with a child and ran away when she saw her. At first, Mei Ying was boring, but when she got to the runway, she found that some students looked at her differently. From time to time, some people whispered, "The headmaster’s wife is a thief!"
"I go to the original she is such a person?"
"She was caught stealing clothes in the mall last night!"
Mei Ying was so angry that she grabbed a student and asked, "Are you talking about me, this classmate?"
"No, I didn’t say you!" The student ran away.
At this time, a group of female students on the roadside looked at her strangely and whispered, "She is a thief. Watch your mobile phone!"
Mei Ying was so angry that she slapped the female student before running and cursed, "You are the thief, damn thief!"
"I didn’t say you!"
This woman was in no mood to go home in a fit of pique in the morning. When Xiao Wei saw that she looked pale, she seemed to have cried and said to her heart, "Is my wife in a bad mood?"
"no!" After breakfast, Mei Yinglou picked up the car and found that some colleagues living nearby were far away when they saw her. These people all whispered.
Driving to the school gate, the wicked woman saw a bunch of people around the gate of the big shopping mall opposite the school. These people kept cursing like traffic policemen.
Meiying asked in front of the car, "Xiaomei, who are you talking about?"
When the women saw Mei Ying coming, the birds and animals immediately dispersed. "Sister Mei Ying, we didn’t say anything about your class!"
Then a motorcycle flew by and the young man spat at her, "Bah thief!" "
"I am not a thief, you are a thief!" The wicked woman finally suffered from being wronged and squatted there crying.
At this time, the nearby businesses are watching her from afar. Mei Yingshi can’t stand driving to the unit. She manages a charitable foundation, which belongs to the Yangmei District Government, a civil administration institution. She has an office.
I didn’t expect that she had just arrived at the door of the building and rushed to the class. When people saw her hiding from the plague, they seemed afraid to get close to her. From time to time, they heard someone whisper, "Watch out, she will steal something. Don’t let her steal it!"
As soon as this statement came out, almost everyone was busy checking their mobile phones, and then everyone looked at her strangely and contemptuously.
Seeing the wicked woman Mei Ying, her legs trembled and she struggled to the office, and she heard someone cursing in the corridor outside the door. "This man is a thief. What a surprise! He is also charitable!"
At 9: 30 in the afternoon, I saw a teenager sent by the Civil Affairs Bureau informing her that "the director wants you to go to his office!"
Meiying is in tears. She finally tasted the bitter fruit of Pi two dog. This is her rumor and retribution. Now her name has been ruined into a bad guy in everyone’s eyes.
It’s definitely not a good thing for the leaders to summon them early in the morning. With a sense of foreboding, this wicked woman came to the director’s office and respectfully said, "Director Ji!"
"Comrade Meiying decided to go to your post of vice president after the research of the bureau. Everyone agrees that you are not suitable for charity foundation workers. Please go back and wait for the organization to make other arrangements!" After Ji’s cold reading, she ignored her before burying her head.
"Not her chief station what fired me? There must be a reason? "
"Comrade Meiying, this is the decision of the bureau. I’m not going to fire you. Please go out and don’t disturb my work!"
"Hum, what’s so great about a broken foundation? I’m the principal’s wife, and I’m afraid I can’t find a job!" Meiying left her face.
Hurriedly answered the guy Shi Meiying drove away from the office building and came to Huanggu District Government, and went straight to Gui Hongli’s office, deputy director of the Agricultural Bureau.
After passing through the office window, the staff on duty saw that they were all afraid, and they exaggerated and exclaimed, "Ah thief!"