No wonder Tina can go all the way to the final.
It’s strange that Liu Yuan can’t reach the final with this fighting capacity.
Tina looked at Liu Yuan with high fighting spirit after all this.
She raised her hand to Liu Yuan and pointed to the declaration of war, which was self-evident.
Liu Yuan also smiled and put his hand on the waist Kirin knife when he saw this.
At that time, the whole venue became quiet.
Everyone is curious about Liu Yuan without the help of pet animals.
Can we beat Tina in her prime …
Chapter 212 Purgatory breathing, thunder fire type, Kirin cut off!
Look at Tina, who is full of "provocation"
Liu Yuan’s face also smiled.
After seeing Liu Yuan’s smile, Tam several behind Liu Yuan.
Suddenly looked at Tina sympathetically.
Because they know that every time their master smiles like this,
Just say that their master is serious.
Seriously, how horrible Lu Yuan is? No one knows better than them, and they get along with Liu Yuan’s pet animals day and night.
Although their host usually smiles, it gives people a feeling of spring breeze.
But they all know how to hide their master’s kind appearance
What a terrible strength.
They can ensure that they can defeat Liu Yuan among several pet beasts.
Tam is the only one.
On whether it is a small light or a small sword
There is no possibility of defeating Lu Yuan, especially when their master mastered a special ability some time ago.
Xiaoguang and Xiaojian feel
The gap between them and the land source seems to have widened.
Liu Yuan pulled out the waist dark purple Kirin knife.
Crisp sonorous suddenly resounded through the field.
At the same time, the purgatory fire behind Lu Yuan seems to have undergone some changes.
See Liu Yuan stretched out his left hand.
Tina wondered in her eyes that Liu Yuan’s hand suddenly emitted the iconic light of the royal beast.
And after the light dispersed, an alloy steel knife appeared in Liu Yuan’s left hand.
"Double knife flow?"
Tina looked at Liu Yuan with a double pole and couldn’t help asking questions.
Liu Yuan nodded his head to show that it was a double-pole flow.
And Liu Yuan took out the second weapon and the momentum began to change dramatically.
See his right forehead unexpectedly also began to spread stripes.
But it’s not the same as the black stripe on the left forehead
The markings on Lu Yuan’s right forehead are purple.
Tina is no stranger to this purple striped one.
Because Tina Lu yuan saw it in the battle of the former Lingrail train
But Lu Yuan’s stripes were still black at that time.
The thunder that lingers around you is also black.
Not purple as it is now.
But Tina thinks that these purple thunder are much more dangerous than the original black.
You know what happened to Liu Yuan’s black thunder at that time
Can be returned to the gold in a row. Ten stars, purple, red, thunderbolt and thunder attack.
Now it’s dark purple thunder, and its power must be one floor higher than before.
Tina was surprised that after Lu Yuan entered the college.
Never showed the ability to cut off thunder.
Not enough. Now it seems that Liu Yuan is ready to put this ability on himself.
In a sense, this is Lu Yuan’s attention to her.
Do you think that the single purgatory fire method has defeated her in this state?