The evil arhats asked.
"Hey, hey, you don’t know. Come here and see how much I collected."
Wu Ming shook the jade bottle and shouted.
"How much can you cut?"
When they saw that he said it was interesting, they couldn’t help but gather together with some curiosity.
"You see-"
Seeing that his seventeen arhats were all close to Wu Ming, he suddenly threw up the jade bottle and read a spell, immediately covering them one by one.
This move made the demon king jump up and hit him with a punch.
"Where do you dare to throw things at you, Master Huang Mei!"
Wu Ming also sneer at a pack up bottle left fist to fight with him.
After just a few rounds, he was still a little worried that this fellow was carrying gold coins or ethnic bags, but then he relaxed a little.
This king Huang Mei’s fist is really sloppy now. He was beaten repeatedly by Wu Ming and got a few punches. Gall scraped and aroused ferocity.
Pull yourself behind the lotus stand and take out a mace to fight against Wu Ming.
"What are you trying to do? Come and eat the master!"
Wu Ming also chose Ji to catch up head-on
That fellow makes weapons but is a good player. He sees great skills, neat posture and sharp posture.
It’s another good kill when two people go out of the temple and jump up in the middle.
Fang Tianji and mace are all magic weapons. One takes the lead and does not give way to the other, while the other sets up a more angry halberd and sticks to meet each other for survival and death.
The goblins didn’t win or lose when they were thirty. Some of them expected the enemy, but he called to all the goblins.
Wu Ming immediately called Chang to become baizhang in size.
Suddenly, the demons were frightened and afraid to step forward.
The King Huang Mei was also frightened and shouted loudly, "Who the hell are you? I can’t get through here! "
"Demon you don’t know me? Listen carefully and don’t scare you! "
"It’s the world of mortals at large, the misty flowers at home, the yellow flowers at home, and the ancestors of Tai Daozu who sealed it, turned my way eastward, crossed the mountains and crossed the rivers, exorcised demons, and determined that the Taiping killer, the fierce star, bullied Tai Sui, unfortunately met me today!"
When King Huang Mei heard this, he immediately exclaimed, "Who are you from? I heard that there are some things about you. You go to your Taoism and I practice my Buddhism. There are two unrelated reasons to come to my Dojo to make a splash! "
"Bah, what are you? You dare to talk big about repairing a Buddha. Don’t go and eat your master!"
With a wave of his halberd, Dharma miraculously blessed Wu Ming and smashed the monsters into a paste like an avalanche.
This small screamo temple was even more vulnerable to destruction and soon became a pile of ruins.
King Huang Mei felt distressed and made mace fight, but his strength was far from that of Wu Ming, and he was hit by a halberd.
Suddenly, another treasure light flew out and hit him. Fortunately, the mace was slightly blocked, but it also went downhill.
Wu Ming immediately reduced his size and quickly chased him around like a headless fly.
"You really kill them all!"
King Huang Mei suddenly saw a Buddha statue with a big belly and a smiling face in front of him.
As soon as he fell to his knees, he said, "Buddha, please be merciful and save your brother. He is willing to convert."
Suddenly there came a sneer: "Are you cramming for the Buddha’s feet without burning incense at ordinary times?"
He was about to die with a halberd, but he heard a half-smile
"Ha-ha, the real person spared his life. There is still a lack of a Si Qing child in my temple."
Chapter 12 Maitreya’s interpretation of Wanjiaguo’s falling mountain tong
Wu Ming looked up and saw a pot-bellied monk coming out of the colorful clouds falling on the mountain.