Li Yuan was surprised to see that Li Xiangkang walked directly in front of his face and hurriedly stopped him. "Mr. Li, we still have a question to ask! How did you go? "
Li Xiangkui stopped and turned to reveal a human and animal harm smile. "This question is the third one, right? I you just said goodbye to me to let me go, so I will go. "
Li Yuanxin vomited blood and was completely played by him. There was no information at all, but so many people looked at it and resigned themselves.
"Thank you for the wonderful performance of Mr. Li. I declare the party officially started. Let’s start eating!" Yuan-qiang li pretend to smile and said
After Li Xiangkang returned to his seat, Lin Mo patted him with a smile and said, "Xiangkang, you are really amazing. You can’t say anything to Li Yuankang."
However, he didn’t laugh. He leaned in Lin Mo’s ear with a serious expression and said, "This Li Yuan has a bad intention. On the surface, it is a trick on me. The actual purpose is really to discredit your name."
"No! We are classmates at least. He’s not so rude, is he? " Lin Mo said in disbelief.
"Do you have any grudges with him?" Li xianglian asked with puzzle.
"No!" Lin Mo wanted to think, as if two people have not been in contact over the years, where will there be grievances? Is it because of high school?
It suddenly occurred to her that "could it be because I humiliated his school in high school that he deliberately retaliated?"
It turned out that Li Yuan had been pursuing Lin Mo in high school, but she flatly refused. I didn’t expect Li Yuan’s graduation ceremony on the eve of the college entrance examination to confess to her again in front of the school. As a result, it was naturally obvious that he became a joke. Because of this, he failed in the college entrance examination and was rushed to study abroad at home.
After listening to this matter, Li Xiangkui smiled coldly. The root of this matter is that it is no wonder that others have come out by themselves.
At this time, a classmate rang and picked up the phone and heard him say, "hello?" What wild BOSS is open! I’m outside. I’ll start forming a team when I get back. "
Another male student asked curiously, "What game is in such a hurry?"
"Forever, a guild brother asked me to play wild BOSS, and I told them to wait," said the man casually.
On hearing this, Li Xiangrui immediately became interested. "Have you all played eternity?"
Several girls around shook their heads, and they were not interested in the game. Others nodded, and several of them were masters in their respective districts.
"Do you know that the dust has fallen?" Li xiangrui said mysteriously.
"Who doesn’t know that there is a very mysterious person who has not been seen by anyone today?" The man Ma took over the conversation.
Indeed, according to the popularity before eternity, posters are all over the street, and even those who don’t play games know this person.
"I’ll tell you a secret," Li Xiangkang wrote in his novel.
A table of people leaned their heads together for fear of missing a little information.
"I am the dust," Lee Sang il said solemnly.
Everyone around him cut off, and no one believed him. A girl replied, "If you are a dusty person, I will still be a misty snow!"
There has been no talk. Lin Mo said, "I’m sorry, I’m the misty snow."
People around here believe that they know Lin Mo, and they all know that she is a person who hates cheating. Besides, her identity doesn’t need to be cheated to get attention.
"So he is really dusty!" The man was so frightened that he didn’t think his idol was in front of him.
Several students playing eternity directly took out a small one and asked Li Xiangkang to sign it for them.
The noise in the corner surprised several people around the table, and they all leaned in curiously. When they learned that Li Xiangyue was a dusty person, they all wanted to sign their names.
More and more people are talking with merchants. Li Yuan also noticed the changes here. The scene in front of him surprised him. More than half of the people at the table were crowded into the corner, and people kept running over out of curiosity.
When he learned that it was because he wanted Li Xiangkun’s autograph, he completely collapsed. Today, a good class reunion was taken away from him and turned into Li Xiangkun’s autograph session.
After the last person signed it, Li Xiangkui shook his sore arm. It is better to keep a low profile after the first time.
At this time, he and Lin Mo Li Yuan were left in the banquet hall, and they didn’t know where they had gone for a long time. Li Xiangsui left the pie mouth and said dismissively, "Young people are still too young and suffer a lot."
Then hug Lin Mo and go home in a luxury car.
Chapter 47 Blacksmith troubles
The next day, Li Xiangkun and Lin Mo entered the game together. Two days before, Lin Mo had no line because of some trivial matters.
Two people go directly to Fang Jun’s office to see if there is any daily routine. However, there is nothing to clean in the camp at present, and there is no material transportation station for the time being.
The two men went out in disappointment and wandered around the street. Suddenly, they saw the old blacksmith in the blacksmith’s shop with a sad face and immediately went forward and asked, "Uncle, what happened?"
The old blacksmith recognized that it was this time to repair weapons, and he didn’t hide it, so he just said what was bothering him.
"Young people don’t have enough materials to build weapons now. Can you help me go out and collect some materials and I will give you a generous reward?"
When he heard that there was a reward, Li Xiangkun took it directly without hesitation.