We walked out of the bar after getting the clue.
"Where are you going now? "Zoe asked.
"Looking for Lucy" I pointed to an alley not far away. "She lives there."
At the end of the alley, I knocked at the door before a small house appeared. A sleepy girl with a big curly head appeared.
"Who? What’s the noise? "Lucy looked a little impatient with a cigarette in her mouth.
"Lucy, I want to find Kane. Are you here? "I said the purpose.
"Oh, it’s the leader. I’m sorry, I didn’t notice it was you." She went on to say after she quickly arranged her clothes.
"Looking for Kane? He doesn’t I don’t know who I’ve offended recently … "
After a series of complaints, Lucy threw another place.
"… I guess he may hide from his lair, but I don’t know where it is. Even the youngest son is guarding me! 」
"Okay, I get it."
After saying goodbye to Lucy, we left the alley and went to another place.
In the corner of the city, a red building stands out, and the paint is mottled and peeled off, revealing a gray bottom.
There was a loud noise just after knocking on the door, and then people surrounded the boxing ring in the center. Two players were fighting with their bare hands. People were holding betting slips and excitedly shouting "Kill him", "Break his hand", "That little bastard is not your opponent" and "Kill him"
Instead of going to the crowd, I stepped aside and walked to the top corner, where there was a small staircase hidden. We went into the stairs and walked on. We came to the roof of this building.
There is a log cabin on the rooftop, and a middle-aged man is basking in the sun in a lounge chair outside.
Avoiding his eyes, he sat up immediately after he was alert to the appearance of someone.
"I’m not nervous. I want to ask someone from you," I said.
"Oh, it’s the leader." Finding that it’s not his enemy, Kane fell back into the lounge chair again.
"Find me something? 」
"I want to ask you if you know where Kent Kafman is."
"Well ~ ~" Kane hesitated to pause. "Chief, I think you know the rules of our business. I make a living by selling news, even if I am a leader …"
"How much is it? "I asked directly.
"Fifty thousand" Kane gave a number.
"I give"
Just want to pay, Lucifer gave the money first.
"You should be able to find him in the church tower, the bar and the south coast cabin."
Throwing out the information, Kane turned over and ignored us
"Let’s go to the church first." I said, "The church is just in front."
Pointing to the front, the spire of the church stands in front of us
"All right"
"Can you jump over here? "Lucifer went to the low wall to watch the terrain.
"But I jumped." I jumped down a floor of the roof.
Other people followed me and jumped on the roof one by one. Rows of roofs became an alternative road, and our heads ran quickly and jumped from house to house.
Compared with the way that the bottom bends left and turns right along the street and goes straight to the destination, we save a lot of time.
Soon we came to the top of the church tower.
"No, there is nobody here."
After checking, we turned to the previous bar.
"Are you looking for Kent Kafman? He walked from the kitchen to the corner facing the cellar, and there was a small staircase. "The bar owner pointed to the kitchen behind him."
According to the boss’s words, we walked through the kitchen and along the spiral stairs for two and a half times until we came to the cellar full of big barrels and wooden boxes.
The cellar light is dim and yellow, and the temperature is a few degrees colder than outside. There is a little smell of alcohol and humidity in the air.
"Find me something? "Asked the voice recognized as an old man, and his voice was vicissitudes with a little hoarse.
"We have something to find Kent Kafman." We can talk to each other without knowing where they are.
"… I am."
"Excuse me, do you know the thing" historical fragments "? "Hear each other table identity suspection.i directly asked from the fire.
"…" The other party was silent for a few seconds before he spoke again. "Who asked you to come to me? 」
"A god named Diogenes."
"Ah ….." Hearing the name Kent ˙ Kafman was so excited that he trembled. "Yes, it is God! It’s the great god DiPros! It turns out that God has not abandoned me as an old man. "
As the voice grew louder, an old man in a black cloak appeared from the shadows, and from the gaunt look of his tattered robe, it seemed that his life was very bad
"The God I believe in is really those guys who accuse me of deviant ways and banish me. They will be punished. I curse their misfortune, I curse their stupidity, and they want their blood to pay for it …"
After cursing for a long time, Kent Kafman was quiet again.
His trembling hand took out an iron wine bottle from his bosom, greedily drank a few mouthfuls of wine and breathed out a sigh of relief before continuing the topic.
"I don’t know where you are looking for something …" He gave a disappointing answer.
This sentence made us look at each other with confusion in our eyes.
"Is it a clue error? 」
"Could it be that we missed something? "A few of us lost in thinking.
"But I know where to get the clue," Kent Kafman said slowly after a few seconds.
"Which way? 」
"The Riprodman Library in the Orange Land" Kent Kafman named a location "There is a" Witch Prophecy "in the library. Go and bring it to me. Maybe the librarian will not lend it out, but you must get it no matter how you steal or rob it."
"Let’s go" was instructed that Lucifer was eager to take a step.
"Don’t go over there," Adolf stopped. "It’s far from there. In this case, when it’s very rough, it’s better to ask the members of the guild to see if there are any people nearby who want them to bring it here, so as to save a trip."
"That’s right," Huangfu nodded and agreed. "This is because the whole guild is worried that someone can’t continue without the participation."