"oh! ~ "Han Ziying stretched himself" finally quiet! ~ "Tao Tao ears again.
DuanMuFeng three people look at this lovely girl and work hard.
Lan Junhao ran to the cherry blossom forest and leaned against the tree.
Do I like little Lulu? He closed his eyes because of Lu Lou’s every move.
At dinner, Lulu is laughing, Lulu is playing, Lulu is playing with him, Lulu is sleeping, Lulu … He likes to miss her scent, she laughs at her voice …
It seems that I really like little Lulu. Lan Junhao admitted that he likes Lulu very much! ! ~ ~ ~ ~ He has a lovely smile on his lips like sunshine.
The night is beautiful.
The crescent moon hangs on the horizon, and the stars also show light quietly.
The cool evening breeze gently blows her hair and small face. Han Ziying and Lu Lu are sitting beside the villa. The swing path and cherry trees along the road are brightly lit by colored lights.
"How quiet!" Han Ziying looked up at the moon and stars. "It’s beautiful, too …"
"Yes, yes," answered Liu Lou. She really earned it by coming here! (secretly complacent …)
Han Ziying looked at Lulu seriously. "Lulu, you like Hao, right?"
Lu Lu was startled by this sudden question. "Is there … is there?" In fact, she doesn’t know, and she’s confused.
"oh! I can see that you are avoiding him because you dare not admit your feelings ~! " Han Ziying smiled.
"Are you? ….. "Liu Lou bowed their heads and didn’t know what was going on.
Han Ziying smile didn’t put away, she looked ahead … She seems to be thinking about what Chapter 12 LanJunhao kissed Liu Lou.
"I’ve decided!" Early in the morning, Lu Lou wore her hair tied to her head as if she were going to war and revolution.
Han Ziying looked up at Liu Lu. She was a little suspicious that there was something wrong with Liu Lu’s brain. "Lulu, what are you doing at the table? Wait for me. The table is filthy! ~ "Say that finish Han Ziying rubbed her big eyes as if she had just woken up.
Lu Lu saw that Han Ziying was leaving. The horse jumped on the table and grabbed Han Ziying’s arm. "Don’t go ~ why don’t you listen to my decision!"
"What decision?"
"Hey, hey, I want to confess to Xiaohaohao!" Lu Lu declared that his eyes were full of confidence.
What? Lulu wants to confess? "Lulu, I thank you so much!" Han Ziying happy like now mercilessly kiss Liu Lou a "if you don’t want to good I’m going crazy! ! ! ~~”
Liu Lou bowed their heads and said, "I’m sorry … actually, I … liked … him … from a very early age …" Hey? So there is no sound? Ah! It turns out that Han Ziying has already left.
Han Ziying suddenly stopped. "By the way, you should remember to clean the table or you will be fined!"
….. I am the dividing line …
"Good morning! ~ "Han Ziying pushed open the door of the student union and said hello to four handsome guys. Today, she was so happy that I would be asked by this Lan Junhao where Lulu went. Now she smiled from ear to ear ~ ~ ~ Liu Lou also went in "good! ~”
Hmm? Is that a little lulu sound? Really? Am I hearing voices? I’ve been thinking about Lu Lu Lan Junhao for the past few days. He looked up suddenly when he was listless and haggard all day. It’s Liu Lu. His horse ran to Liu Lu and hugged her tightly.
"wow! What a little Lulu! " Lan Junhao felt that it was a real horse that became sunny and full of power.
"Er … that …" Liu Lou was a little surprised by Lan Junhao’s move. "I … like … um …"
God! Everyone opened their eyes wide. In fact, they saw … In fact, they didn’t see anything. They just saw Lan Junhao and Liu Lu sticking their lips together …
Wow, her lips are so soft, warm and comfortable. After a few minutes, they finally let go of Han Ziying. They looked at Lulu stealthily. Hey, hey, they are dead.
"Excuse me, can two people flirt somewhere else?" Han Ziying
"That’s right! Will it shine in front of us? " DuanMuFeng mocked the two of them and deliberately put their hands on Han Ziying’s shoulders. Han Ziying and DuanMuFeng sang duets there. You made Lan Junhao and Lu Lou blush! ~ I saw the two of them blushing. Han Ziying and Duanmu Fengcai closed their mouths and smiled at each other.
Xiao Yuzhe looked at Duanmufeng, and he became cheerful. He was no longer the man before … Can Sakura walk into his heart? Feng, when will you show your true feelings? ! He turned to Lan Yu Xi again. Who will melt this iceberg then? Will it? Someone will! Xiao Yuzhe smiled gently. No one understood that kind of smile. It was gentle, confident and charming. Chapter 13 Orchestra Competition! ? (1)
The sun is shining, the clouds are light and the wind is clear, and the morning breath is particularly pleasant.
Hanging next to the orange wheel, the sky is slowly expanding, and then the whole day is full of heating, like yellow roses blooming one after another, and the sky is full of white flowers and soft colors when you look around.
Han Ziying parked the car and walked into the school Sakura Restaurant. She looked up and saw the restaurant listed Sakura Restaurant "English Restaurant? What kind of restaurant is this? " Is she illiterate? It seems to be "Sakura Restaurant"! Han Ziying looked around the restaurant. Yeah, good!
She dragged her bag and went in to kill her. Besides, today, Lu Lu was called out by Lan Junhao early in the morning, so Han Ziying was so free. It’s so comfortable without a parrot around! ~ (Han Ziying, of course …)
After eating and drinking enough, Han Ziying walked on the purple cherry blossom boulevard. She loved everything here since she was here. As she walked, she heard a group of anthomaniac talking about something.
"Hey, have you heard? Our school is going to have a band competition with other outside schools, "anthomaniac A", right? " Anthomaniac B anthomaniac looks at anthomaniac A and anthomaniac B’s eyes and says "topped sample". "This competition is held every year, and the school sends the four kings of the student union to them. They are geniuses! !” (anthomaniac)
"Cut ~ ~ This orchestra competition needs a girl as the lead singer!" Anthomaniac D screamed, "I don’t know who it is! !”
Han Ziying shook her head. It seems that these anthomaniac are hopeless … Alas! ~ ~ student union
"Early cherry" DuanMuFeng them say hello to Han Ziying.
"Oh, good morning." Han Ziying put her bag on her desk. She felt that these people looked at her in a strange way … "By the way, I heard that you are going to participate in the orchestra competition on behalf of the school. Who is the lead singer?"
Four men and Lu Lu are five pairs of eyes looking at Han Ziying, and that look is to say "you are you personally!" "
Han Ziying asked cautiously, "Is it me?"
Xiao Yuzhe went to Han Ziying. "Yes, it’s you!" Han Ziying looked at the others and they nodded together! Who can help her? !
"Hehe …" Her mouth twitched. "Isn’t there Lulu?" She ran to Liu Lou and took Liu Lou’s hand.
"Lulu is baby sounds’s bad singing" again! ! !
"That there are others! Give others a chance! ~ "She said, her feet kept retreating …
DuanMuFeng that evil "claw" caught Han Ziying (DuanMuFeng please … is a perfect white hand! ! I don’t write! Han Ziying silly sister, you are really my good friend! In Duanmufeng …) "Because we heard from Lu Lu that you sing very well … I don’t agree with you in case you lose face in front of others … I think you’d better not attend!" Ironic way
What? Said she couldn’t sing well? She is determined to sing! ~ ~ "Hum! I’m going to participate. How about that? Ok, I promise to sing! "
"ha! See … "Everyone crafty grinned …
God! She fell for it! She, Han Ziying, can’t believe she was defeated in this challenge! What a fool I was! (Duan Mufeng, you have never been clever! ~ Han Ziying, you … Hum! )
"That’s settled! ~ "LanJunhao
I remember you, Duanmufeng! Wait and see! Hey, hey, it’s not too late for a woman to take revenge for a few years (it’s not too late for ten years! You still have a high IQ? Does Han Ziying want to eat a fist? Send you ~ ~ Pick up the horrible chapter 14 Orchestra Competition! ? ()
After getting to know Han Ziying, I know that Duan Mufeng is another player, Xiao Yuzhe is a harpsichord player, Lan Junhao is a drummer, and Lan Yuxi is a bass player. Their team is called Sakura Band "Hey ~ What song should I sing?"
"Whatever!" Together again.
Han Ziying is angry! "Depend! Can you not speak so neatly? "
"no!" together
God! Han Ziying almost fainted …