It’s not difficult for Yang Biao. He said, "Please invite people to the camp in a few days if you are not busy. I have something to talk to that person."
Quartermaster repeatedly called it
Yan Pingjun of Pingcheng received the news and read the letter and scolded the children.
Yan Zechuan didn’t expect his younger brother to be so bold as to read the letter and say, "He also knows that it’s time for his father to raise him."
Yan Pingjun: "Can’t he think backwards?"
In the end, I can’t bear to die like this for children.
Yan Zechuan said that "Songbai was smart since he was a child, otherwise his father would not let him go to the capital alone."
Yan Pingjun was injured because of his son, and then he was scolded, but after that, he couldn’t help being proud.
Yan Chochuan turned to say, "That Li daren is not simple at an early age."
"I’m afraid the sage knows better than her about the situation of her army in the north," Yan Pingjun said steadily.
Yan Chochuan saw that his father didn’t play Songbai and the prison, and there was no younger brother who had a deep friendship with the prison.
Yan Bainian received a letter from his father and scolded him. He knew that his father and brother would definitely teach him a lesson.
In the future, my brother will surely take over from my father and guard Pingcheng, but he needs fame and at least have his own territory to protect Li Lingyu.
He looked at the letter with his neck crooked, and his back hurt faintly.
Li Lingyu woke up to see him sitting at a table by the window and asked, "Who wrote?"
"My father"
Li Lingyu is rarely lazy and can’t get up in bed. Yan Bainian got up and walked over and sat on the bed, stretched out his hand and touched her and asked, "If you are not a Yunnu, what do you want to do most?"
Li Lingyu looked at him and said softly, "I don’t know if I will definitely stay in the capital and probably go to Jiangnan."
After all, her ancestral home is in Jiangnan.
Yan Bainian looked at her eyes and slowly kissed her on the lips very lightly.
Her lips are like midnight moonlight, attractive but cool.
The bright moon shows my heart.
Bend over and let him do his best, feeling that his back injury is about to collapse.
Li Lingyu asked, "Don’t you hurt?"
Yan Bainian was really shy and looked at her a few inches away and said softly, "Don’t talk."
Li Lingyu saw his mouth shut, stretched out his hand and grabbed his neck and kissed him, and then pulled the person to lie on the bed and said, "Let me see your wound."
Yan Bainian was rudely kissed by her, but she was pressed down on the bed without a aftertaste. She said, "You … this is deliberate torture … what about me?"
He has never seen such a little girl who is bold, cautious, frank, really cute and much smarter than a man.
When Li Lingyu saw that his wound was not healed, he said, "You’d better lie down from now on and don’t go anywhere."
Yan Bainian didn’t say, "That’s fine. I won’t see you again when you are recalled to the capital."
Xiao Yong did receive the military intelligence of the northern territory. I heard that Yang Biao advanced 70 miles north and approached Shuozhou.
The Turks retreated a hundred miles away and their mood eased a lot.
Ask Su Yi, "How long has Li Lingyu been gone?"
Su Yi calculated that it was almost a month and a half.
Xiao Yong thought for a moment that Li Lingyu was very diligent and concealed that the Daily Battle Report was very clear, including the situation in the city and the preparations for other States …
The queen mother’s birthday horse is coming again.
Xiao Yong also remembered that sending Li Lingyu to Hualien Garden to celebrate his birthday last year was detained by Hualien Garden.
He hesitated for a long time before coming to his senses. After Su Yi left, he asked Cai Quan, "Is Hualinyuan determined to kill Li Lingyu?"
Su Caiquan didn’t dare to cheat and say, "The old slave didn’t know that the queen mother was so commanded."