Being able to control doctor octopus to attack his teammate Spider-Man in an instant without knowing what magic or supernatural means he used, he asked himself that there was no such thing. Even if he knew other superheroes, it seemed that few of them could do it so magically.
Imil was able to graduate from college in a previous life, and this body can be admitted to Columbia University by grades. How to say that IQ is enough for normal people, but once the fate bug of superheroes is considered, Imil’s heart is full of frustration.
Not only do superheroes have long muscles and short brains, but most superheroes have a smarter mind than ordinary people.
Not to mention that superheroes are all high-level geniuses, such as Iron Man, Mr. Wonder and Spider-Man. Even Bruce Banner was a top scientist who studied gamma rays before he became the Hulk Hulk because of his anger.
Really, compared with IQ, these superheroes are better than super villains like Doctor Doom. One of the ten superheroes can turn Imil into slag. When Imil stepped in to help Spider-Man, he wondered if he would be found out his true identity.
Chapter 47 Understanding Spider-Man
Although Spider-Man doesn’t have such resources now, if he joins The Avengers in the future, it will not be too difficult to find out his identity with the help of government forces.
It was at that time that I realized that the rich soul feast here was in Imil’s mind, and that part of the mind that complained about ghosts occupied the wind. Now it is too late to regret it.
"Well, I’m sorry" was quickly reflected by Spider-Man because of the silence of the other party.
Understandably, like himself, the other party is also a person who doesn’t want to disclose his true identity to everyone.
It’s not bad. Spider-Man is a wise man. He doesn’t need to say much about himself, but he has already made his mind clear.
In my impression, although Spider-Man is a mouthpiece, he doesn’t seem to betray his companions’ bad habits, which means that he is still very secretive. Imil’s thought is even more reassuring. He said in Spider-Man’s ear, "You’re not worried that I mean no harm, but should we talk about it somewhere else now?"
Spider-Man squatted on the wall and talked to Imil. In others’ eyes, it seemed as if he was talking to himself in the air and entered a stealth state. Imil can’t be seen by everyone.
“k!” Seeing doctor octopus alone can clean up several other super criminals. Spider-Man thought about it and it seems that there is no need to stay here by himself.
The place where the street can be demolished has been demolished almost, and the police car in the distance will arrive soon.
It seems that there is a way to go, but it still has no effect on memorizing the map of new york by heart. Spider-Man knows where no one should disappear from the public attention at this time.
"Well," seeing Spider-Man remove a manhole cover on the side of the road, Imil frowned and followed.
Maybe it’s retribution. He just messed up a Peter classmate Mobius in new york University, and now he’s going to drill the waterway himself. One person and one ghost have been keeping a distance. Imil followed Spider-Man silently.
It’s not that he is wary of Spider-Man, but he can’t stand Spider-Man’s endless soliloquy.
After making sure that there were no enemies in the waterway, Spider-Man seemed to relax a lot. He walked forward with his head in his hand whistling, and he was still selling himself to Imil. "Hey, Ghost Man, let’s meet. My name is Spider-Man. You can call me Grid Head or Extraordinary Bug, but I personally don’t like the name Grid Head. You might as well call me Bug."
Imil language ""
His understanding of Spider-Man comes from what he saw in previous lives. I really didn’t know that the power of bug mouth cannon had reached this extreme level.
Spider-Man couldn’t see Imil’s expression. He took a few steps forward to remove an isolation net and drilled through it. "If it’s not in the waterway, I can treat you to a cheeseburger, but the price can’t exceed 784 dollars. Hey, my friend, it’s not that I’m stingy. You know, when I invite my girlfriend, I can save so much at most."
He listened to the gurgling water in the waterway, and there was no one else to talk to and he was not worried about being eavesdropped.
"I’m not interested in your girlfriend." No matter how many girlfriends he has, what Imil cares about most is that he should not harm his sister.
Spider-Man walked in front to lead the way. He stood stand hand and sighed and said, "I wish my working environment wasn’t always so bad, dirty and smelly. Why can’t I work as decently as Mr. Wonder? What is a waterway every time? "
Come to feel some itching in my throat. Imil felt even more queasy when Spider-Man said so. He hurriedly cut in and asked, "Wait, you mean Mr. Wonder? Do you know them? "
Imil never knew that Spider-Man had a friendship with Mr. Magic, which was not explained in the previous life.
"Of course, I’m not a superhero in this city, such as the Fantastic Four, the Avengers and the Defenders of the Earth, but they never appear in the waterways. Let me see, there is also the Hulk Daredevil."
Spider-Man’s words were a little informative, and Imil didn’t react until he heard Daredevil’s name. "You mean Mr. Matt?"
Spider-Man turned his head and stared at the gas. His eyes were a little surprised. "Well, do you know the real identity of Daredevil?"
Imil ""He felt that watching movies in his previous life was a bit unreliable. No one told him that Spider-Man and Daredevil were also good friends. To be on the safe side, he still didn’t come from now and said hoarsely that he had seen it once.
Spider-Man "Oh". Anyway, in his opinion, this ghost man doesn’t look like a bad guy, and it’s not surprising that he knows Daredevil.
He said, "Daredevil and I were the first to know each other’s identities, but that was also a coincidence. Mr. Matt is very nice, and I sometimes bother him when I have problems."
"Well, it’s really a problem." Imil followed Spider-Man, and now he wants to leave this mouthy superhero as soon as possible.
"Where are you taking me?"
Spider-Man scratched his head and said shyly, "I forgot about that, too. Where do you want to go?"
Imil found that the longer he stayed with Spider-Man, the more depressed he felt. He waved his hand and whether Spider-Man could see it or not. Let’s go back to the ground quickly.
"good!" Spider-Man promised that he thought ghosts were easier to get along with. He took the road ahead. "I left my clothes wrapped in cobwebs in this waterway. If you don’t mind, can you wait until I get my clothes back?"
He pointed to his red and blue tights tattooed with spiders. "It’s not a good influence to walk in the street in this."
It’s still early for Imil to look at it. Since Spider-Man has set the direction, he doesn’t have any complaints. The two of them walked in the waterway for a while. Imil suddenly remembered one thing. "By the way, Spider-Man, you are so familiar with the new york waterway. Have you ever met a lizard man?"
"Lizard man?" Spider-Man was a little wary of Imil, and his boss James, editor-in-chief of Horn Daily, offered a reward of $1,000 for the lizard man’s photo, which was recently ranked as the first priority by him.
But when you think about it, not every superhero is as poor as himself. Besides, it is still unknown whether the lizard man is here or not. Spider-Man didn’t think much about telling the truth. "I read about the lizard man in the newspaper, but there is no evidence to prove that he is here. Maybe he is just talking about the city again."
Chapter 40 Behind the scenes refers to the messenger
Anyway, walking ahead, Spider-Man can’t see Imil’s eyes, but maybe this can’t blame Spider-Man and Imil’s strange world. It’s not like what he saw in the shadow in his previous life.
Nothing is the same as the shadow except that the characters can get the right number.
This may be a parallel extending from the shadow world.
Children who haven’t read comics really can’t afford to hurt.
"Ghost, are you still there?" Can’t you see or not? Imil Spider-Man asked again, which made Imil feel that he became this personality because he stayed in the waterway for a long time
It’s not scientific. Shouldn’t Spider-Man pull a spider silk and swing on the streets of new york all day?
A gentle "hmm" indicates that he is still listening to Spider-Man’s nagging.
Spider-Man was happy and then said, "You are really strong, do you know?"
At first, Spider-Man heard the sound in his ear or he was hallucinated by doctor octopus’s tightening, but soon he found that doctor octopus was attacked by someone who didn’t know.
After a while, doctor octopus was actually controlled and launched an attack on his teammates
Such strange and powerful means really shocked Spider-Man and made him taboo. If such people choose to be bad guys, I’m afraid all superheroes in new york will have a rather powerful enemy.
However, I deliberately walked around the waterway with a "wandering soul" for such a long time, and after talking all the way, Spider-Man also had a general understanding of the wandering soul character
At least, he is rational and patient, and he doesn’t look like a person who will destroy the peace order.
Well, let’s treat Spider-Man’s self-questioning dialogue as a conversation for the time being.
Anyway, Imil didn’t pay much attention to his soliloquies, not that he didn’t want to pay attention to them, but that he knew very little about the superhero world, and in Imil’s heart, he never wanted to join the superhero side to fight evil.
Even if it saved the bug, it was a lucky attempt. If it didn’t succeed, Imil wouldn’t work hard.
However, Spider-Man didn’t know that in his opinion, these six evil people threatened and had the heart to save their own people. At the very least, it could be called a good Samaritan.
Perhaps he sensed that Imil was not interested in what he said. Spider-Man turned the topic to the Evil Six. He asked Imil what he had learned and whether he had got any information from doctor octopus.
Imil nodded his head. He did find the culprit from doctor octopus’s memory, and the man who arranged behind the scenes said that he was a little uncomfortable with himself
Now that Spider-Man is interested, he can be dragged to the bug to deal with "it’s gold and gold and sent someone to let them out of prison"