Thought of here, Xu Susu could not help but give birth to two points of pride and three points of contempt.
I’m afraid this woman doesn’t know that she is a substitute.
Xu Susu smiled more sweetly.
"Little sister’s name is really nice. My name is Xu Susu."
Yu Xin, "Thank you for your lovely name."
Xu Susu blinked. "Miss Yu Xin is an assistant to Uncle Wu, and then we can meet again. I look forward to it. Can I ask you to play together next time?"
Yu Xin "should be able"
Xu xinghan frowned, this kind of situation is the last thing he wants to see.
Xu Susu played with Yu Xin. Xu Susu’s simple character would be sad to death if she knew the truth after taking Yu Xin as a good friend.
Xu Xinghan pulled Xu Susu. "Susu, let’s not disturb Uncle Wu’s dinner. Aren’t you hungry?"
Xu Susu made a signal with the lips. "But I like Sister Yu Xin very much. Sister Yu Xin looks very good at dressing up. Although she looks like me, she is more mature and better dressed than me."
This is really full of green tea flavor
Does she look good just by dressing up?
There’s something called temperament. It’s natural.
"Sister Yu Xin can teach me, and I want to learn makeup from Sister Yu Xin."
Xu Susu looks innocent and lovely. It’s hard to make people think that her mind is impure when she says such a thing.
Xu Xinghan said naively, "You, you are so good, and you look good without makeup."
Xu Susu "Really? How do I feel that my brother is perfunctory and my sister Yu Xin looks better that way? "
Xu Susu looked at Yu Xin. "What do you think of Sister Yu Xin? Should I learn makeup like you? "
This kind of low-level tea talk really hardened her.
Yu Xin smiled quietly. "You can learn if you think it looks good."
Xu Susu continued to output "Sister Yu Xin’s makeup is so fierce and fashionable. Many boys must like you."
Yu Xin blinked. "Well, this is a secret. Don’t be so curious, children."
She finished looking at the childish kid and smiled at her.
Xu Susu felt despised.
This little green tea dares to dance in front of the sea queen. She doesn’t mind giving her a little blow to reduce her dimension and let her realize the reality.
Xu Susu secretly struggled for a while, pulling Xu Xinghan’s arm to show that he was very close to him.
"This is my brother Xu Xinghan. My brother hasn’t got a girlfriend yet. Is Yu Xin’s sister single? Do you want to meet my brother? "
Xu xinghan’s look changed, "mr.zhou don’t talk nonsense."
Xu Susu expected that Xu Xinghan would not agree, but she was angry because she had what she would show in her heart, so that she could embarrass Yu Xin.
However, Xu Xinghan looked at Yu Xin’s reaction and saw that she was still cool after hearing this sentence, and it was difficult to beat the drums.
I can’t guess Yu Xin’s thoughts
Former Xu Xinghan was convinced that Yu Xin liked himself. Later, when he dissolved the agreement, Yu Xin pretended not to like him at all, but he later saw through it.
But Yu Xin hasn’t contacted him these days, as if he really wanted to disappear from his life.
Doesn’t she pretend that she really doesn’t mind?
Seeing Yu Xin again at this time is like a different person.
It’s no longer what he remembers.
The lukewarm attitude towards him is really like meeting for the first time, alienated and polite, with no warmth in his eyes.
It happened that everyone except Xu Susu knew what was going on.
Xu Xinghan can also cooperate with Yu Xin in front of Xu Susu.
Yu Xin, "No, I’m not ready to fall in love yet."
Hsu Su-su refused bluntly when she was one leng.
Xu xinghan’s expression was a little embarrassed, although he knew that Yu Xin could not agree, but her rejection really made him very unhappy.
Xu Ling said with a ponder smile.
This Yu Xin is a bit interesting.
Let’s not say that this determination and acting are very good.