"It’s well hidden."
Ye looked at the pool in front of him with the wind, and he had detected that it was here.
There are hundreds of extremely sophisticated arrays around the pool, and more than half of them are hidden.
Even ordinary Friar Du Jie came here and I’m afraid he didn’t notice the difference here.
Nine times out of ten, it’s so valuable that it’s a ghost residue
Ye Feng didn’t hesitate to stop heaven and directly launch the law tentacles to instantly destroy the law layer by layer.
When the last array was destroyed, a strange smell suddenly came to my face.
"Hey, this really doesn’t seem to be the breath of our world!"
Ye Long said in surprise.
"Well, even the rules are different."
Ye Huang is also curious.
"It must be a ghost residue. I didn’t expect it to be here!"
Yuhong’s expression shook the vast and sparsely populated north, and there was almost no power to put the ghost residue there. It was also the first time he saw it.
"Go in."
Ye finished with the wind and jumped into the deep pool first.
The cold pool automatically separated from the center and gave up a deep channel.
A moment later they came to the bottom of the pool.
A cave full of seal appeared in front of everyone.
Several black stripes covered the cave walls.
In the middle of the cave, there is a high circular stone platform that looks like an altar.
A few slender hairs on the altar were quietly suspended in the water.
"What is this?"
Ye Long walked into the cave curiously.
However, just after entering, black lines immediately emerged in his white armor.
Those lines spread like living tentacles, which is extremely strange!
Ye Long exclaimed a hurriedly back out.
The black tentacle stopped growing but remained attached to his armor.
"It is absorbing my aura!" Ye Long look vibration.
He can clearly feel that the physical strength is being forcibly extracted.
There is nothing to stop it!
This is the first time he has seen such a strange thing.
"this is a rule that doesn’t belong to our world."
Leaf stretched out his hand with the wind with a Ye Long body black tentacles blink disappear.
"All those people are using this horrible thing to erode the world?" Ye Huang surprised and asked
Ye nodded with the wind.
In front of this thing, the law it carries is beyond this world.
In the absence of the heavenly spirit and the enlightenment tree, it can change the world unscrupulously, absorb the source of the world and expand itself.
If there are many such things, it’s just like the old man said.
The world is really on the verge of death!
Chapter 15 Fertilizer
Shentan bottom
After a test in Ye Long, no one else dared to break in without authorization.
They are really strong, but they are too strong in the face of surpassing the world rules.
Except leaves with the wind.
"You just stay here and don’t walk around. I’ll buy an orange."
"Ahem, I’ll go and see."
Say that finish leaves with the wind and went in.
Just entered the cave number black tentacles immediately swell up.
The heavenly precept gives off a misty glow and forms a black shield to keep all tentacles out.
The black tentacle seems to be crazy, trying harder to drill into it to break through this law.
But they made a mistake
Leaves follow the wind, and the heavenly precepts combine all the laws of the world, which can be said to be another heavenly body.
And others are equivalent to the spirit of heaven
And I don’t know how many times stronger than the real Heaven Spirit.
No matter how crazy those black tentacles are, they can get close to the leaves with the wind.
Soon he came to the altar.
A few black steel needles are generally staggered and floating.
Originally quiet, they seem to feel the threat from the outside world and become a little restless at this time.
"Look which one this is."
Ye looked at a finger in the wind and took out an array.
Various colors of the array meet together, with a large area and a small area.
It was the cat that the old man gave Ye the cat dish with the wind.
The display of the secret disk is the proportion of the rule that the demon residue infects the world at this time.
Ye searched carefully with the wind, but he didn’t find anything similar to wolf hair in front of him.